Donbass in Springtime

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Donbass in Springtime

Post by captain ron on Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:42 am

This may end up being a blog about my planned trip to Donetsk this coming spring:

I'm assuming that anyone reading this blog is probably already keenly aware of the situation in Ukraine, and the current power-play between The US and Russia over dominance of former Warsaw Pact countries. There are obviously two sides to every story, but based on my experience witnessing the actions of my own government in the area of foreign policy over the last 25 years, I find the Russian / NovoRussian side of the story more believable.

Credibility is a major player here. Blind patriotism seems to be the rule of the day for many Americans. This combined with lack of information and the constant barrage of propaganda and fake news from the Deep State and corporate media, along with the general lack or concern thereof by most regarding global politics, has led to an acceptance or indifference to the effect it has on future destructive geo-political outcomes. Unlike many, if not most Americans, I have had a keen interest in US Foreign Policy for many years, going all the way back to the Cold War days. There was a time when I accepted, without question, the propaganda from Washington and the Main-stream Media. As I have grown older, and as I have had access to more information (thanks to the internet) I have become far more skeptical.

For me the big turning point was around the beginning of George W Bush's second term. At this point we were closing in on 4 years of war in Iraq without any significant evidence of a WMD program being found. I had initially been somewhat unenthusiastic about the prospect of war with Iraq, but became convinced (mostly by Colin Powell) that there was a significant national interest in putting an end to the Saddam regime. I bought hook-line and sinker the whole hidden WMD program lie, underground chemical weapons factories and all. However, as the war dragged on, and the body count rose, without any discoveries of the promised hidden weapons or weapons factories, I began to grow more and more skeptical as to the real reason for the war. It became apparent that the initial criticism to the war had in fact, been correct. This really WAS a war about oil, no-bid contracts and above all else Israel!

Meanwhile, while Washington was racking up TRILLIONS of dollars in additional debt to fund this war, our own country was under full-scale invasion from the Southern border. We had plenty of money and resources to protect borders thousand of miles away, but it was somehow impossible or even immoral to protect our own. It was at this point that I was heavily involved in the grass-roots movement "the Minutemen." I spent a considerable amount of my own money and time attending rallies and even doing border watch during this period. Then George W Bush made the unfortunate statement calling us "vigilantes". For me whatever favor I had for Bush was now completely gone and further, my allegiance / respect for the Washington regime was forever changed. It was then I began to refuse to say the pledge.

I was now aware of the significance of the oligarchical control of the deep-state (although I didn't call it that at the time), and understood that it was not likely that things could be changed significantly within the system using the democratic process. Through a more critical examination of history, I came to the conclusion that while the US began with a truly exceptional ideology and form of government, it took a wrong turn almost from the beginning by adopting a Hamiltonian vs Jeffersonian path forward. This reached a crescendo during the war 1861-65 where unfortunately, the wrong side won. At this point the "manifest destiny" of the US was complete. It was not long after this that the focus began on projecting power globally, and joining the rest of the major global players in becoming a major imperial force. Then in 1898 with the sinking of the Maine in Havana Harbor, the US began a pattern of a long series of lies as incitement to war with the slogan "Remember the Maine".

The Obama administration was nothing more than a continuation of the Bush administration for the most part, with the NeoCon Zionist ideology running the show. Let's look at the "Arab Spring" specifically Egypt. There is absolutely no question that the US instigated the overthrow of Mubarak who had been a fairly benign secular leader since the assassination of Anwar Sadat. A big part of the NeoCon's professed ideology was "spreading democracy" throughout the middle east. This idea that somehow that inside every Muslim Fanatic, there was an American trying to get out.
Lo and behold, when given the opportunity to vote, they voted in the fanatic Islamic group the Muslim Brotherhood. Well this, of course, was an undesired outcome so once again, the US forced a coup and put in place the military government that runs Egypt to this day. Haven't heard much about that lately have we?

Next was Libya using the same tried and true tactic of the US government: Identify an opposition force within the country of desired exploitation, then finance / arm said group and voila civil war.
Never mind that Gaddafi had essential been a "good boy" for years and voluntarily abandoned his weapons of mass destruction program. Never mind that Libya was a secular government with one of
the highest standards of living on the African continent. For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, the neocons decided to once again try to force the same policy in Libya that had already proven to be a failure in Egypt. What resulted was not only the murder of Gadaffi, but also the elimination of a state that had provided some sense of stability to the region and more importantly, a barrier between sub-Saharan Africans and Europe. Once Gadaffi was gone, a mass flood of Africans into the European continent began.

Next came Syria. Bashar Al Assad was the next target of the Neo-Cons. Again, same tactic, find an opposing force within the country, arm and finance them, encourage civil war. It does not hurt to make up stories about supposed WMD and "atrocities" of the regime that is to be overthrown BTW. Never mind that the Assad regime was another example of a secular and fairly moderate government that protected Christians. The motivation behind this? Who knows, however a distinct pattern is starting to emerge. Additionally, there was an unfortunate side-effect of CIA intervention in Syria (surprise surprise), the "opposition" force that the US had funded ended up evolving into ISIS. Yes, there is no question about it, the US created ISIS just like the US created the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately for the Neo-Cons, they had underestimated the resolve of another major player on the world stage when it came to the situation in Syria, the Russian Federation. Russia has long been an ally of Syria, and has a strategic national interest there as it is the location of it's Mediterranean naval base in Tartus. Putin could not stand by and watch as the CIA sponsored juggernaut threatened to turn Syria into yet another chaotic failed state (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya). Russia had too much to lose here. This is when Russia (rightfully so) began aiding the Syrian forces in opposing the US created ISIS rebels.

Let's take a quick look at Eastern Europe. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw pact, 13 former Warsaw Pact countries have joined NATO, several of which directly border Russia.
Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova are a few of the last holdouts. There is no question that the US and NATO has designs on Ukraine and was, no doubt a driving force in the Euro-Maidan and subsequent civil war. There is also no question that the US was directly involved in the coup that overthrew Yanukovych and placed the NATO, EU friendly puppet Poroshenko in power. As I write this there are currently US advisers in Ukraine training Ukraine forces to kill ethnic Russian separatists in Donbass.

After all the events in RECENT history I point out above, the US propagandists have the unmitigated gall to proclaim Russia the "aggressor"! This is just an example of American hubris and the crazy notion that no matter what the US does, and no matter how many hundreds of thousands (or millions) of innocent people have to die, America is always right. After all, we are "exceptional" right?
According to US propaganda the Russian Federation "invaded" Crimea. There was no "invasion" of Crimea period. After the US sponsored coup in Kiev, and the start of the civil war, the people of Crimea overwhelmingly voted to join Russia. There was not a single shot fired during the "invasion" and the Ukrainian forces were allowed to get on buses and leave peacefully. Additionally, while there were some volunteers from the Russian Federation fighting on the side of the Donbass seperatists, there were no Russian regular forces there. No massive tank columns ever entered Donbass from Russia and photographic "evidence" of this that was paraded around on main-stream US propaganda outlets, were file photos of Russian training maneuvers that had happened years before Euro-Maidan.

Fast forward to 2016 and the election of Donald Trump. Prior to the 2016 campaign I had essentially given up on the idea of using the political process to change anything in Washington. I had come to believe that only violent overthrow, a second civil war, secession of Texas or a complete financial collapse (or some combination of all those things) would accomplish anything meaningful. Trump gave me hope.
He was saying all the right things. First off, he expressed that the war in Iraq had been a mistake (true). He stated he wanted to end the policy of being the world's policeman and nation building. He wanted to focus on domestic policy, "America First", to protect the border with a wall. And very importantly, he wanted to establish a more friendly relationship with Russia and even indicated that NATO may in fact be obsolete. These are all positions I enthusiastically support. Finally, he said he would "drain the swamp". Unfortunately, this "swamp" appears to be far deeper than he had anticipated.

While it is difficult to justify any military adventure involving the US since the end of WW2, the situation in Donbass is far more serious than any of the previous unfortunate American military adventures of late, as now we are not killing innocent Muslims, who are basically defenseless, but Russians. Yes, the people of Donbass ARE Russian! Think for a moment how the average Russian national feels about this. Not only is the US placing forces directly on the Russian border, they are indirectly involved in the killing of Russian people! Unfortunately, the average American is completely brainwashed by the constant barrage of anti-Russian propaganda and falsely believe Russia to be the aggressor. This could not be further from the truth. Vladimir Putin has shown incredible restraint and patience in the face of the unrestrained unilateral aggression of America! Russia and the Russian heros in Donbass have drawn the line against further US/Zionist/Neo-Con expansionism and the eventual desire of the globalists to enslave all of us under a one world government. Russia is a force of good and the bulwark against this. This is why they are now the "enemy".

In spite of how bad things may look at this time (WW3 looming thanks to America's reckless aggression), I still have some hope. My mission to Donbass is part of a last ditch effort I'm personally making to hopefully, in my own small way, at least TRY to make a difference. At considerable personal risk and expense I will be one, providing humanitarian aid to the people of Donetsk (specifically, orphaned children, sick and wounded) and will also participate in an anti-propaganda information campaign on YouTube. One of the largest Russian YouTube bloggers, Sergey Baklykov of the Real Russia Channel has offered to help and will accompany me on this mission. I realize this may be futile and insignificant, but I for one can no longer stand idle as my government continues down it's illegal and immoral path towards WW3.

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Re: Donbass in Springtime

Post by captain ron on Mon Apr 09, 2018 3:29 pm

Well the time is approaching, coming close to zero hour. I'm on round two of trying to obtain my Russian visa, first time shot down due to minor technicalities. Sooo, hopefully, by the 17th or so I should have it in hand and will be on my way to SVO. A couple days in Moscow, maybe a side-trip to St Pete then down to Rostov for the trip to Donetsk. Russell Bentley has agreed to meet us at the border to help me get in, my friend Sergey should have no problem since he is Russian. May be a bit of an ordeal for me. We are looking at 2-3 days there to do some documentation that we plan to put on Sergey's channel on YouTube (Real Russia Channel).

Seems like we are on the verge of WW3 with the Zionist republicrats spoiling for war with Russia. I am embarrassed and ashamed to be an American. What a horrible time.

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